Capital Protected Fixed Income Social Impact Bond
Capital Protected Fixed Income Social Impact Bond
Lux Healtcare Investments is a Luxembourg based issuer of secured social impact bonds with fixed-income and principal capital protection. We invest exclusively in high income-producing assets, with accelerating free-cash flows and significant upside value potential. The assets have high impact on the avaiability, accesibility and quality of healthcare services both in mature and developing markets. Assets include but are not limted to traditional hospitals, specialized clinics as well as remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions. The asset comply with modern environmental protection (medical waste) and renewable energy regulations that utilize nature-inspired zero-emission technologies with significant beneficial impact on the health and quality of life of disadvantaged populations and communities. 

Most of the targeted assets are basic medical facilities that foresee in basic healtcare in emerging and developing countries in Asia, Africa and South-America. We establish partnerships with governmental bodies as well as multinationals to ensure that the facilities are built and operated with optimal cost efficiency and can provide continuous quality healthcare to patients irrespective of their wealth and or insurance-coverage. We develop new facilities or acquire and upgrade existing facilities largely in countries with highly developed environmental standards, innovative regulatory framework, sophistcated legal systems and strong contract enforcement standards,

Investments are secured by high quality assets with a value of several mutiples of the invested bond principal and additional financial securities like off-take contracts, receivables, state export guarantees as well as state subsidies. Given the long investment horizon our strategy allows for reinvestment of proceeds, compounding profits multiple times throughout the investment period. 

With our social impact bonds we offer investors an alternative to low-yielding money market and investment grade securities and high risk instruments like stocks, commodities, currencies and most mutual funds The yields of these securities tend to be rather volatile and strongly correlated to unpredictable market risks and other contingencies. In addition our social imopact bonds enable investors to invest in humanitarian purposes where they have real affiliation with instead of intransparent charity organizations.  

Bond Terms
  • Issue Up to EURO 750,000,000
  • Multiple Series
  • Denomination EURO 1,000,000
  • Tenor 20 years
  • Coupon 2,50%, quarterly payable
  • Indicative Bond Rating BBB
  • Exchange Listed
Bond Features
  • True Social Impact
  • Capital Protection
  • Fixed Income
  • Asset Value > 100% of Bond Principal
  • Capitalizing on Upside Potential
  • No Currency Exchange Risk
  • Liquidity Suffiency Certificate
  • Luxembourg Domiciled
  • Highest Standards of Governance
  • Securitization Act Compliant
  • World Class Service Providers
  • Experienced Investment Manager
  • Best in Class Risk Managers
  • Accredited Board of Directors
  • Enactment United Nations Principles
  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy Compliant
  • New meaningful employmen
  • Transparency Reporting
  • Shareholder Accountability
  • Qualified Investors only
Contact information
Lux Healtcare Investments SA

121 Avenue de la Faiencerie
L-151 Luxembourg
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