Lux Healtcare Investments has the support from international industry experts and reputable legal, commercial and technical resources to ensure best in class due diligence is being performed on the assets we aim to invest in. We engage top-executives of multinationals to ensure fast track development and commercialization of technologies enabing rapid acceleration of free cash-flow, market share and shareholder value. And our legal and financial partners provide the expertise and support to comply with governance and compliance regulations in the applicaple jurisdictions..  

As far as the funding of assets concerns, our firm has developed an unique set of entrepreneurial and managerial competenties to ensure our investors are confident that their invested capital is fully protected, that high quality income-producing assets with significant upside potential are being acquired, that risks are adequately mitigated and all financial and administrative operations are undertaken in full compliance with the highest standards of compliance and governance.
Lux Healtcare Investments manages the projects and operations with a dedictated structure (operating company) in which we retain a significant stakeholding and positions in the Board.The quality of our management is of critical importance to ensure that our investors consider our bonds as truly secured and valuable and will consider to include them in their investment portfolios. Our organization consists of a visionary management required to effectively issue new innovative bonds, sustain their value and develop trading in secondary markets. Our managers have been in the “driver’s seat” of such operations for many years at reputable global financial institutions, responsible for green field development at leading securities firms, insurance companies and banks. They have a proven track record of success, have earned industry or corporate awards, are recognized as leaders at global industry platforms and are fully up to date with latest market developments. Our managers have the required board room experience to be able to guard with full confidence and certainty over the assets of our bondholders and adequately deal with regulatory, legal and administrative matters.
Lux Healthcare Investmentys has “in house” specialists like structured product engineers, risk managers, bond traders, asset managers, compliance officers, accountants, auditors, actuaries, risk managers, etc. These specialists are considered to belong to the best in the industry, have the accreditations from leading universities and certifications required by regulators and a “luggage” full of unique know-how and experience. Lux Healthcare Investments can cover all the disciplines to collaborate effectively with our bondholders to make their investments safer and fruitful.
It is important to understand that Lux Healthcare Investments is not a conventional issuer of bonds. At present the capital markets are overloaded with funds, securities, derivatives that are merely based on the same asset classes (stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, commodities, mortgages, etc.) and mostly vary only in the mix (geography, industry sector) and/or vary in the assumptions of underlying risk and returns, and/or in method of accounting risk and return. Very few providers offer real innovations while claiming to be “Out of the Box” innovators, not knowing “The “Box” itself.

Lux Healtcare Investments concentrates on a constant effort to accommodate investors real needs, by engineering solutions that are not subject to conventional economic, fiscal, regulatory or technical limitations. Key to our success, in that front, is our close collaboration with reputable institutional investors and final cross testing in cooperation with leading external experts, utilizing advanced scientific methods, mathematical models and computer-assisted tools. Although we do not pretend that we will find each time the “Goose that laid the Golden Eggs”, we have already engineered a range of “of-the-shelf” asset-backed structured products that comply with our institutional client’s investment goals
Process Excellence
Being established in Luxembourg, Torornto, Frankfurt, we are present in 3 of the world’s leading capital and financial markets and stock-exchanges, it is obvious that we have outsourced most of our operations to reputable local service providers, i.e. fund administrators, payment agents, custodians, banks, accountants and auditors. In order to remain up-to-date we continuously liaise with specific experts, i.e. rating agencies, tax advisors specialized in tax treaties, legal advisors specialized in statutory and regulatory issues as well as with the regulators themselves. Administration and management is undertaken according the highest international standards. Lux Healthcare Investments processes financial transactions via sophisticated systems like SWIFT, FEDwire and exchanges instruments via Clearstream, the clearing and settlement division of the Deutsche Borse, Processing occurs at lowest possible cost, within shortest lead time and error-free. Due to our long term working relationship with our partner service providers, we managed to streamline and coordinates workflows and established optimal communication with these parties. Our customers can therefore be assured of instant response to inquiries.
Relationship Network
Lux Healthcare Investments sources its funds primarily from large institutional investors. We don't have to deal with thousands of small ivolume nvestors that continuously enter and exit the fund with small amounts, with on-line brokerage firms or financial advisors. Lux Healthcare Investments has the advantage of dealing with a relatively small group of family offices, high net worth individuals and institutional investors with whom we maintain a longstanding relationship. We don't use intermediaries or broker. Investments decisions require confidence building, indepth understanding and careful consideration of all risks involved. Instead of commisioning market makers, distributors and dealers to market and sell the bonds, Lux Healthcare Investments prefers its own board members and management to engage with prospective investors and remain at their disposal throughout the whole investment period.
Throughout the Investment period, we utilize critical market research data tram leading, accredited intelligence providers to ensure our management strategies remain focused on truly essential factors, shifting them from false assumptions and influences of wishful thinking. However, due to an ever growing complexity, global capital markets became more dynamic, more volatile and less predictable. The real time flow of massive amounts of information causes an even greater amount of emotional and algorithmic impulses that can affect and change markets in a split second. This requires responsiveness and time is hereby of critical essence. Instead of relying exclusively on predictive capabilities only, Lux Healtcare Investments has also developed the ability to anticipate and rapidly respond to unexpected, unpredictable contingencies. If events of great impact suddenly occur, we will rapidy mobilize its multi-disciplinary team of experts to encounter the events. We are ready to implement instantly adequate directives which have been already agreed upon on forehand.