As a responsible corporate citizen our mission is to become a forward-thinking practise leader in social  innovation and entrepreneurship. We strive to acquire and enable post-start-up enterprises with the necessary capital, experience and network to acclerate the growth of asset values, free-cash flows, market-share and shareholder value whle meeting social responsibility objectives of significant importance as the same time. With increasing difficulty to access traditional sources of funding like venture capital and bank loans, Lux Healtcare Investments opens for such enterprises new gateways to global capital markets utilizing tailor-made social impact bonds to raise the necessary cap to ital to fund their projects and operations..  

In addition to capital, Lux Healtcare Investments provides critical support to enterprises commiting our top industry experts as well as highly accredited legal, commercial and technical resources and lobby-services from former captains of industry to enable access to multinationals in global markets. The objective is to ensure rapid acceleration of profitable growth, market share and shareholder value.

Within our scope of influence we strive to provide our bond investors not only with the financial benefits but to implicitly make a significant impact on the global healtcare.systems. We strive to make quality healtcare available, accessible and affordable for disadvantaged populations and ensure the continuity hereof. At the same time we contribute to the creation of useful employment for researchers, doctors, nurses as well as technology experts servicing telehealth solutions. We support groundbreaking initiatives that accelerate transition of the healtcare industry to be able to combat diseases and epidemic more effectively.

Social Responsibility
Lux Healtcare Investments invests only in social impact responsibility programs. Instead of occasional donations to charities, disaster relief or sponsorships to local communities we actively undertake initiatives to create useful employment, enable disadvantaged communities to improve quality of live and health, quality of their living environment, to include communities in educational and entrepreneurial activities, provide solutions to combat toxic emissions and waste disposal, restoring and preserving the ecosystem and deploying true renewable resources for clean and affordable energy amongst other initiatives. 
Environmental Responsibility
Our policy is aimed at utilizing green solutions that have high impact on environmental protection, contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem and utilize true renewable energy sources, utilize nature-inspired zero-emission technologies that function like selfsustaining ecosystems and have significant beneficial impact on the economies of the world and sustainably foresee in basic human needs. These green solutions form the basis in every new construction and/or renovation program. Using green building materials is just one example. Of greater importance is the handling of medical (radioactive) and biological waste to minimize pollutants in air, water and land surface and underground. We are commited to continuous improve the environmental awareness and performance, combatting emissions of greenhouse gases causing climate change. We encourage in particular green economy initiatives that are affordable and sustainable..
Investor Responsibility
Being based in Luxembourg, the second largest fund centre in the world with the highest standards of governance and compliance, Lux Health Care Investments has access to a wide variety of investors, including pension funds, family offices, mutual funds and high net worth individuals. It is evident that we responsibly protect the investor's capital and strive to deliver the expected returns on their investments. We are extremely cautious with the selection of the assets in which we invest and the protection hereof .

Important in that matter is that the capital and the assets are always under the exclusive control of an independent securities trustee, mostly a reputable trust company, a major global bank or an accredited licensed investment manager with oversight of a capable board of directors, an independent adminstrator and external auditor.
United Nations
Lux Healtcare Investments supports and enacts, within its sphere of influence, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Lux Capital provides full transparency to the public on its undertakings and reports annually to the United Nations about its progress and achievements.

We maintain also close relationship with the various UN organizations as well as World Bank, IMF, EIB to get support for our initiatives, to showcase our projects and obtain the required diplomatic support to implement the groundbreaking green innovations on a global scale.