Organization and People

Lux Healtcare Investments has built unique competencies on the basis of the expertise and experience of our management and through partnerships with reputable global service providers and via our network of investors. The company is managed by a team of highly experienced executives from the banking, insurance, investment  industry, and are recognized experts in their field of competence all with an impeccable track record of proven succes, integrity and reliability. Leading industry experts and academic institutions provide the necessary support either as consultants to the board or as members of the investment committee.  
Lux Healtcare Investments strives for a modern corporate governance strategy that takes into account the interests of each shareholder. The shareholders are actively involved in any matters that are critical to the company’s continuity and success beyond the appointment of the Board and the annual accounts. Our firm has assigned a Trust Office through where shareholders can announce a proxy and/or issue voting instructions. Each share in the capital of our firm gives entitlement to cast one vote. The voting rights can be exercised by the holder of the share. Shareholders who attend a shareholders’ meeting in person are entitled to cast votes at their own discretion on a number of shares equal to the number of shares that the shareholder holds on the relevant record date. Shareholders may also exercise their voting rights even if they do not attend a shareholders’ meeting by granting a proxy to a third party. When shareholders do not attend, have not granted a voting proxy nor issued voting instructions Voting is guided primarily by the interests of the shareholders taking into account their interests. The sale and transfer of shares is restricted to ensure stability, consistency and continuity of the undertaking.
Board of Directors
The Board is elected by the shareholders. The Board’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the bondholder’s rights, safeguarding the growth and protection of the asset value, as well as the growth of the profitability and shareholder value, all within the rules and regulations of the regulatory framework. The Board monitors business performance, conducts oversight on regulatory, legal and fiscal compliance, statutory reporting and implementation of social responsibility policies. The Board consists of 5 directors. None of them holds personal interests in the company that reasonably could influence their objectivity. The Board has drawn up a Charter which includes its duties, powers and working methods and information on its relationships with the stakeholders of the company. All members  have underwritten the company’s Directors Code of Conduct. All employees have underwritten the company’s Employee Code of Conduct